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Le Mans Circuit, Most Busiest Circuit in Europe

If you heard about Circuit de La Sarthe, maybe you aren’t familiar with it. But, this is the official name of Le Mans circuit, one of the most popular circuits in Europe.  This circuit was well-know because there is 24 hours endurance race that held in this circuit. But, that’s not all. Le Mans circuit is also known as one of the most challenging circuit for MotoGP rider. Le Mans […]

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Jerez Circuit, The Historical Circuit in Spain

Circuito de Jerez or Jerez Circuit is one of much circuit for MotoGP racing in Spain. We can say that this circuit is one of most important motorcycle racing circuit in Spain. With the capability in holding up to 200,000 spectators, we can say that this circuit becomes the main destination for GP racing lover. Other important reason that makes this circuit important is its long history. The History of […]

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