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Motorland Aragon, Ultra-Competitive Race on the Ultra-Modern Circuit

Aragon Motorcycle Grand Prix is the third MotoGP world championship races held in the Spain. It is a confirmation of Spanish talents in world motorcycle race competitions. This 2018 seasons, Spain has more riders competing on three different classes than any other country. Since 2012, the MotoGP class has been dominated by two Spaniards, Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo.

The official name of the race is Gran Premio Movistar de Aragon and will be held at the Motorland Aragon Circuit, near the city of Alcaniz, on September, 23. Aragon joined MotoGP calendar only in 2010 replacing the slot of Hungarian Grand Prix. Since then, it becomes a permanent in the calendar.

The Circuit

Motorland Aragon is a popular name of the Ciudad del Motor del Aragon, one of the ultra-modern circuits in the world. The circuit was designed by Herman Tilke to host different types of races. The planning, development, and construction process was seamless with full supports from local institutions. The circuit is completed and opened in 2009 and since then becomes sought after venue for any different races including MotoGP races since 2010. This circuit won IRTA Best Grand Prix of The Year on its debut year, the only circuit ever made that achievement.

For MotoGP races, Motorland Aragon has race track with 5.077 KM length with 17 turns. The design of the race offers combination of high speed straights and turns and several slow turns ensuring tight competition during the races. The track pleases the spectators as it will offer sprints and overtakes during the race. Not only that, most riders made this track their favorite one. Since the first race, riders praised this ultra-modern design.

Throughout the seven seasons this circuit has been hosting MotoGP races, Marc Marquez is still the most successful riders there by winning total four races, three of them in MotoGP class including the last race in 2017. Honda, with total five winning titles, is undeniably the most successful manufacturers in Aragon Grand Prix.

The best thing about the ultramodern Motorland Aragon circuit has three main zones. The first one is the sports area covering the racing circuit, karting track, and gravel circuits. The second zone is technology park hosting multiple research and education institutions focusing on motor industry. The third zone is the culture and leisure zone with business centers, shopping malls, and hotels.

Beyond the Circuit

Motorland Aragon is located near the city of Alcaniz in the Province of Teruel, Aragon. This is a relatively remote area and less known compared to the highly popular Madrid, Catalonia, and Spanish coastal area. Commuting to Alcaniz can be quiet challenging but once you get there, you will love the quiet atmosphere of this historical small town with its architectural heritages and strong tradition. The greater Teruel Province offers the Spanish countryside atmosphere with its beautiful landscape, rural culture, and local cuisine. It is also relatively more affordable to explore this area as you can find local accommodations, local restaurants and bars, offering very competitive rate.


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