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Silverstone Circuit, The Classic British Race

Many riders from UK have been competing in World Grand Prix Championships throughout its history and even some of them not only winning world champion title but becomes a legend. Strangely, this country must wait until 1977 for the first ever motorcycle grand prix race held there. The British Grand Prix race was held in Silverstone Circuit and this August, the very same circuit will host the 12thrace of 2018 MotoGP series.

This year the official name of the event is Octo British Grand Prix and it is scheduled to be held on August, 26th. Right on the peak of summer, the race will be very demanding and hard for all riders and the competition is even hotter in the middle of the season.

The Circuit

Silverstone is one of the classic MotoGP circuits and it is definitely one of the best circuits in UK. Once an airstrip and a station of Royal Air Force bomber fleets during the World War II, right after the war the airstrip was often used for temporary car race track and converted to more permanent circuit in 1949. The 1991 redesign created turned the circuit into ultra-fast race track. This circuit has multiple configurations for the race tracks including a dedicated track for MotoGP races. The track has 5.89 KM length with 18 turns.

Silverstone Circuit was the venue for motorcycle grand prix from 1977 to 1987 when the venue moved to Donington Park circuit for 23 years before it was back to Silverstone in 2010. This circuit will still host British Grand Prix until 2020 when the series to be moved to newly built Circuit of Wales. Other than motorcycle race, this circuit also hosts the most prestigious race events including Formula One, European race championships, and even the world famous historic care race, Silverstone Classic.

Silverstone becomes a favorite track for many riders and MotoGP fans as this circuit offers many actions during the races. However, no other rider has better success record than Valentino Rossi. He won eight titles in this circuit including six from MotoGP class. The reigning British Grand Prix is Andrea Dovizioso.

Beyond the Circuit

Located in southern side of Midlands, Silverstone Circuit is surrounded by beautiful countryside. You can explore the green lavish landscape with classic English towns and villages to experience the real English lifestyle. The neighboring town of Northamtonshire is centuries old and it offers rich of tradition and architectural heritages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit local pubs to taste the local cuisine and enjoy a pint of beer.

Of course, most people would come to London when they visit UK. This is the most popular destinations in all over UK. From West End theatres to Royal Albert Hall, from football stadiums to music festivals, you can easily find great entertainments in this metropolitan city.

Don’t forget that outside London, UK offers many great points of interests. More than just the English countryside, take the opportunity to explore the highland Scotland or the mountainous Wales.

Hotel Near Silverstone Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. Suitehuts @ Silverstone (0.88 km)
  2. Intents GP @ Silverstone F1 & Moto GP (1.11 km)
  3. Whittlebury Hall and Spa (1.42 km)
  4. Silverstone Golf Club (1.44 km)
  5. Silverstone Bed and Breakfast (1.55 km)
  6. Handley Barn (4.41 km)
  7. The Granary Barn (5.07 km)
  8. Abbey House (5.57 km)
  9. The Owls Of Wappenham (5.77 km)
  10. The Cowshed Bed And Breakfast (6.28 km)

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