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Sepang International Circuit, The Exciting and Intense Malaysian Grand Prix

Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix has been part of FIM DORNA Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing since 1991. The first seven series were held at the Shah Alam circuit and followed by one series held in Johor Baru circuit in 1998 while waiting for the construction of newly built circuit completed. Since the 2019 season, Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix is held at Sepang International Circuit located not far from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

The Race

The official name of the race is Shell Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix and this 2018 season, it is scheduled at November 2nd – 4th, making it the second to last race of the season. Sepang International Circuit will also host the second MotoGP official test on January, 28th. Malaysian Grand Prix is known among the most challenging races in MotoGP series mainly to the hot temperature and high humidity from the tropical weather in Malaysia. As the race scheduled in November, there’s big change of rain during the race.

The Circuit

Sepang International Circuit is the example modern race track design. It was specifically design for Formula One race while also able to accommodate other races including motorcycle race. The 5.5 Km clockwise track is designed for speed and excitement. It is one of the longest laps in MotoGP. The track also has two long straights, ten medium to high speed corners, and a very challenging hairpin. This is the track where intense race with lots of maneuvers and overtaking. It becomes both the most exciting and most frightening circuits for all riders and teams.

Since the first race in 1999, Valentino Rossi is the most successful rider in Sepang with total seven winning titles including four from MotoGP class. However, his last win was 2010 season and since then, he has been struggling to make a comeback in this circuit’s highest podium. Honda is undeniably the most successful manufacturers in this circuit with total 30 winning titles.

Enjoying Malaysia

Sepang International Circuit is more than just a race circuit but also a big multifunctional complex with hotels and even golf course. It can be reached within few hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. The main hub for foreign MotoGP fans will be Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). During the race days, there are feeder buses from KLIA bust terminal to the circuit. It is also easy to go to Kuala Lumpur using the high speed train from KLIA.

While the race is the main attraction, don’t miss the opportunity to explore what Malaysia has to offer. Kuala Lumpur is both modern and heritage city. There are beautiful old town with Malayan traditional houses and cultures, there are also little India and Chinatown as well as colonial center in this city. Beyond the city, there are lavish green countryside with many excellent points of attractions from traditional Malay kampong, Hindu shrine, and so many others. Even if you choose to stay in the Sepang International Circuit’s complex, the resort offers great accommodation and many great entertainments to enjoy.

Hotel Near Sepang International Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. Plaza Premium Lounge Wellness Salon (KLIA Internat (2.14 km)
  2. Sama Sama Express KLIA (Airside Transit Hotel) (2.4 km)
  3. Tune Hotel KLIA Aeropolis (Airport Hotel) (2.94 km)
  4. Plaza Premium Lounge (Wellness Spa – KLIA) – Priva (3.06 km)
  5. Sama-Sama Hotel Kuala Lumpur International Airport (3.08 km)
  6. Snooze KL (3.15 km)
  7. Capsule by Container Hotel KLIA2 (3.45 km)
  8. Casa Hotel – KLIA (3.59 km)
  9. EV World Hotel Enstek – KLIA (3.77 km)
  10. Sri Packers Hotel – KLIA (3.78 km)



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