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Motegi Twin Ring Circuit, MotoGP Powerhouses’ Home Race

There are reasons to make Japanese Grand Prix very special among other MotoGP series. This is one of the oldest and longest running series with first race in 1963 when it was held in Suzuka Circuit. The grand prix moved to Motegi Twin Ring circuit since 2004 and since then becomes a permanent in MotoGP calendar.

Another reason is the fact this is the home race for Japanese manufacturers: Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, which also the powerhouses of MotoGP. The three manufacturers and the team using the bikes are always fighting hard to protect the Japanese pride in the race. The same pride is also the reason why Japanese riders will push themselves over the edge to win. Not only the regular rosters, Japanese wildcard riders are also highly motivated to protect the Japanese pride. This pride was damaged last year when Dovizioso from Ducati Team won the MotoGP class race. This year, we can except Japanese manufacturers and riders to strike back.

Motul Grand Prix of Japan is the current official name of the series. In 2018 Season, it is the 16th series and scheduled at October, 21st.

The Circuit

Twin Ring Motegi is a very interesting circuit. It has two race tracks: the 2.493 KM oval track and the 4.8 KM road course track, thus the name came from it. MotoGP race uses the road course track, a clockwise track with stop-start straight – hairpin style. The track has four straights, eleven corners, and one hairpin.

Since it was moved to this circuit in 2004, the Spaniard Dani Pedrosa is the most successful rider winning three races. Italian rider, Valentino Rossi, also won three races, but only one won at Motegi in 2008. The other two races were won when the race was still held at Suzuka Circuit.

Twin Ring Motegi isn’t only about race track. Owned by Honda, this circuit also has other facilities and among the most famous one is Honda Collection Hall, a museum highlighting Honda as car and motorcycle manufacturer. It has collections of Honda cars and motorcycles, both racing and production models, on display. A must visit pace for those with huge passion in automotive. Next to it is the Honda Fan Fun Lab offering demonstrations of Honda latest and future technology including robotics, fuel cells, and many more. Education centers are also available there allowing visitors to use interactive demonstrators.

Beyond the Circuit

Motegi in the Kanto region of Japan is a large industrial city. But right outside Motegi, you can visit Mito, a smaller city surrounded by lavish rural environment where you can witness the Japanese culture and way of life. While you are in Japan, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tokyo, the capital city with so many things to offer. This city offers both traditional heritage and ultra-modern lifestyle.

Japanese cuisine is one thing you can’t miss when visiting this country. Take the opportunity to taste the true Japanese palate by dining on famous restaurants and food stalls, some of them have decades of history.

Hotel Near Motegi Twin Ring Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. Hotel Twin Ring (0.68 km)
  2. Mashikokan Satoyama Resort Hotel (14.41 km)
  3. Hitou Bunbuku No Yu (15.83 km)
  4. Kappo Ryokan Shiroyama (16.41 km)
  5. Oogane Onsen Grand Hotel (18.54 km)
  6. Uchihara Kosen Yusenso (21.01 km)
  7. Spa Resort Livemax (25.27 km)
  8. The Satoyama Hotel (25.73 km)
  9. Hotel Route Inn Mooka (25.88 km)
  10. Batou Onsenkyo Nampeidai Onsen Hotel (26.31 km)

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