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Red Bull Ring Circuit, All about GP Austria

Previously known as A1 Ring, the GP Austria – Red Bull Ring Circuit gives fresh experience to MotoGP driver since the track route has been shortened. Lots of straight line followed by slow-taking turn is the trademark of the circuit. Aside from that, the circuit located in mountains gives the audience unique experience when watching the race.

The tracks and how does it look like

Because it is located in mountains, the terrain level of this circuit is quite vary compared to other circuits. The different height of the track provides tricky downforce adjustment since the wind may have different effect in different height. It has 10 turns with two medium straight line on finish line and after the turn 1. The length of the track is 4.318 km with 65 meters of altitude difference. For MotoGP class, the circuit has 28 laps with a total distance of 120.9km or 75 miles. The lower classes have total distances of 108.0 km and 99.3km or 67.0 and 61.6 miles (Moto2 and Moto3, respectively). Currently, the fastest lap time of the track is held by the Frenchmen Johan Zarco. The world record time was mad in 2017 season in 1 minute and 24.312 seconds. The average top speed in MotoGP class on the circuit is 182.6 km/h speed with 316.5 km/h for the top speed.  With that being said, the circuit is overall short but full of tight and slow turn alongside the different altitude that give the rider unique challenge in completing each lap. In 2018 season, the race will be held on 12th of August at 2.00 pm local time.

How can you access the place?

Located in Spielburg, the Styrian region of Austria, the Red Bull Ring is built in a mountainous area which gives you beautiful landscape as MotoGP audience. The access to the circuit is not as hard as you may think. Vienna is the closest place that has international airport which is 2 hours to travel by car from the circuit. It is approximately 200 km away from the circuit and the airport has all sort of flights. The closer alternative is smaller airport located in Graz, around 85 km from the Red Bull Ring. The airport has limited flights from neighboring region like Stuttgart, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, etc. The Graz airport also gives you alternative to travel to the Central Europe. There is also another small airport, Klagenfurt Airport (KLU), 100 km away from the circuit. This airport usually takes discount carrier flights to Hamburg, Berlin, and Cologne with Eurowings and Germanwings are the dominant airlines. There is an exclusive airport for private planes, the Zeltweg, located precisely beside the track.

If you want to go to the Red Bull Ring Circuit by driving your car from capital city, Vienna, you can take A2 to Graz. Then you take S6 to Bruck/ Mur/ Semmering/ Neunkirchen West. After that, you should take S36 to Klagenfurt/ Knittelfeld/ Judenburg after passing St. Michael Junction. Go for an exit in Zeltweg Ost/ Spielberg then take the first left as well as another left to L503. Go for 2km and take right turn to the exit of the road towards the GP Austria – Red Bull Ring Circuit.

Hotel Near Red Bull Ring Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. Pension Anger (0.76 km)
  2. Koxsi’s Motorhome (1.32 km)
  3. Camping und Privatzimmer Dorfer (2.24 km)
  4. Burg Rooms (2.42 km)
  5. Ferienhaus Stiendl (2.43 km)
  6. Best sleep Hotel (2.7 km)
  7. Die Schlafstube (2.71 km)
  8. Hotel Restaurant Perschler (3.16 km)
  9. Ferienwohnung Yassi (3.24 km)

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