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The Things You Can Do While Visiting Mugello Circuit in Italy

Visiting Italy seems incomplete without visiting Mugello Circuit especially if you are Moto GP lovers. If you have a dream to go to this historical circuit and curious about it, read the detail below.


Mugello Circuit is also known as Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello and the location is in Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany, Italy. This circuit is not only used for Moto GP but also for smaller classes and even for Formula One testing. Mugello Circuit is also the place to hold an annual event by the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. In specific, you are about to see a 5.245km or 3.259 mi length circuit along with 14 turns. Interesting, the circuit only has one long straight in which around 1.141km or 1.247.813 yard. This circuit can hold up to 50.000 visitors to enjoy a great Moto GP seasonal event.

The Route to Go to Mugello Circuit

The short detail above makes you even curious and can’t wait to see this great circuit, isn’t it? So, how can you reach Mugello Circuit? You can just start your journey to Mugello Circuit from Florence Airport. The location of the circuit is about 30 km far from the airport. If you want to go there by train, you can take Borgo San Lorenzo’s railway station. From this railway station, you just need to take for about 5 km far before arriving at the circuit. There are also several accommodations close to the circuit including B&B La Pieve, Casa Amerigo, La Cascata, and many more. Do you want to eat first before entering the circuit? It is a big problem at all because you can easily find places to eat there. Try to visit specific places such as Borgo San Lorenzo, Dicomano, Firenzuola, Marradi, Palazzuolo Sul Serio, Scarperia e San Piero, and Vicchio to get delicious foods with local or international taste. The location is only offering ordinary restaurant but also interesting place to eating for family such as farm holiday or wineries and beer shops. The types of foods are also various including local cuisine, pizza, fish, and ethnic cuisine. Even, you can easily find specific foods such as gluten free cuisine, vegetarian foods, and even meals for children.

Interesting Places Close to Mugello Circuit

You explore interesting places around Mugello Circuit before watching the Moto GP race. For example, you can visit a beautiful place namely House of Giotto. The best thing you can do here is seeing the beautiful natural scenery around the place such as soft hill, grazing cows, and sunflowers field. The building is also a historical building in which it is a restructured building and the place of Giotto when he was 10 years old before going to Florence to work as an apprentice. You can also bring your beloved family to explore the Medicean Park of Pratalino. There will be a lot of wonderful things you can enjoy there before going to the circuit. The wonderful scenery makes your relax for awhile and it might be a romantic place for couples.

It seems that you have to make a plan to go to Mugello Circuit right away to reduce your curiosity. The circuit is great as well as the attractions in the surrounding.

Hotel Near Mugello Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. UNA Poggio Dei Medici Golf & Resort (2.34 km)
  2. Hotel Marrani (5.92 km)
  3. UNA Villa Le Maschere (7.85 km)
  4. Giotto Park Hotel (11.34 km)
  5. Demidoff Country Resort (14.22 km)
  6. La Selva Hotel (14.67 km)
  7. Villa le Monache (18.43 km)
  8. Pian D’Ercole Resort (19.92 km)
  9. Family apartment (21.1 km)
  10. Hotel Villa Le Rondini (21.11 km)

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