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Le Mans Circuit, Most Busiest Circuit in Europe

If you heard about Circuit de La Sarthe, maybe you aren’t familiar with it. But, this is the official name of Le Mans circuit, one of the most popular circuits in Europe.  This circuit was well-know because there is 24 hours endurance race that held in this circuit. But, that’s not all. Le Mans circuit is also known as one of the most challenging circuit for MotoGP rider. Le Mans circuit itself has three different circuits that are usually used for many racing event, which are 24 Hours Course, Bugatti Circuit and Maison Blanche Circuit.

24 Hours Course

In the beginning, this circuit was used for motorcycle racing in 1920. Then, in 1922, Union Motocycliste de France (UMF) and Automobile Club de l’Quest (ACO) proposed idea about 24 hours racing. Georges Durand, ACO secretary, received 100,000 Francs to run this idea. With this fund, they started to make many changes for the race and use the money as the prize for the winner.

The real 24 hours endurance race was started on May 26th, 1923. 33 cars from 18 different manufacturers and companies join this race. On that first 24 hours event, Lagache and Leonard won the race. Using Chenard-Walker, they have successfully reached the finish after going through 1,732 miles of course with 57 mph average speed.

Then, there was many improvements made for the course after this first racing event. They add the first asphalted course after that. Parking area was also created, where it can hold around 3,000 vehicles. Other new addition is “Rue du Circuit”, new course that won’t disturb the neighborhood. The similar concept was also used for next change in 1932 and 1939. This addition has been added one after one until the latest one in 2016, where there are new four grid garage for racer team.

Bugatti Circuit

This is the first permanent circuit that was building in 1950, inside the 24 Hours Course. This new course doesn’t connect to public road, which make the racing can be held easier and safer. There are many new and interesting course layouts in this inside circuit. For example, the Serpentine layout used 24 Hours course’s facilities. The latest change is the new straight line on the exit of the circuit. This will make rider can ride at maximum speed for the final race. Nowadays, Bugatti Circuit becomes the busiest circuit today.

Maison Blanche Circuit

This circuit was built for testing purpose as well as race school. There are multiple layouts of course on this circuit that can be used for many different events. Race on this course will make the rider can feel how to race in 24 Hours course.

How to Get to Le Mans Circuit

The closest airport from this circuit is Tours Val de Loire Airport. From this airport, you can take a car for one hour to reach the circuit. This is also international airport, so it can be reached by anyone from other country. Other than this airport, there is also Paris International Airport. However, this one is much further, which is 150 miles from this circuit. You will need around 2.5 hours to get from that airport to the circuit by car.

Hotel Near Le Mans Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. Campanile Le Mans Arnage Hotel (2.17 km)
  2. Ibis Styles Le Mans Gare Sud Hotel (4.79 km)
  3. Appart’City Le Mans Centre (4.86 km)
  4. Appart’City Le Mans Novaxis (4.92 km)
  5. Ashley Hotel (4.98 km)
  6. Kyriad Le Mans Est (5.16 km)
  7. Hotel Campanile Le Mans Centre (5.17 km)
  8. LHacienda (5.49 km)
  9. ibis Styles Le Mans Sud Mulsanne (5.65 km)
  10. Premiere Classe Le Mans Centre – Palais des Congre (5.8 km)

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