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Jerez Circuit, The Historical Circuit in Spain

Circuito de Jerez or Jerez Circuit is one of much circuit for MotoGP racing in Spain. We can say that this circuit is one of most important motorcycle racing circuit in Spain. With the capability in holding up to 200,000 spectators, we can say that this circuit becomes the main destination for GP racing lover. Other important reason that makes this circuit important is its long history.

The History of Jerez Circuit

This circuit has been operated since 1950s. At that time, the first course that was used for racing is located in Valdelagrana, right beside the beach in this area. Then, the owner changes its location to near Avenida de America in 1963. Previously, this circuit also held some of racing event, such as Trofeo de la Merced in 1960. This event can be considered as big event, because at that time, there are many famous racers raced on this event.

Then in 1980s, the circuit was moved to Jerez. Pedro Pacheco Herrera, mayor of Jerez at that time, gave permission to build this new circuit. This new circuit has new design in the shape of autodrome. The constructed was started in 1985. Spanish engineer, Manuel Medina Lara, led the project with help from Alessandro Rocci for the idea.

The first part of circuit was finished on December 1985. And, they held racing event to commemorate this moment. It was Spanish Touring Car Championship. The course was really difficult, especially when it is raining. However, the race event can be held successfully.

The Jerez circuit was really finished in April 1986. And, they also held the first Spanish Formula One Grand Prix, where Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell fight really tight in this race. Then, this was becoming one of the closest ever finish racing in F1 history.

The first motorbike race was started in 1990, which is Spanish Motorbike Grand Prix. Unfortunately, in the same years, there was incident occurs. Martin Donnelly experienced sever accident that make the race was moved then to Barcelona circuit. To deal with it, in 1992, there were many changes that are made, in order to attract more international racing event.

Circuit Characteristic

The most interesting about the course in Jerez Circuit is most of them are used to be street circuit. Therefore, rider will feels like ride through the city. However, there are also many new challenges in course. For example, the parabolic corner, make it as one of the longest corner where rider need more focus. There is also 600 meters straight course, where rider can run as fast as they can. This circuit can be said as one of the difficult circuit, because there are many turn and corners, with less straight.

How to Get to Jerez Circuit

You can take a car and drive for 15 minutes from Jerez Airport, the nearest airport from this circuit. This airport has international flights, so you can take it directly from your place. Or, if you stay in Cadiz, you can take A-382 Jerez-Arcos motorway and Exit 3 to reach this circuit.

Hotel Near Jerez Circuit

Watching motogp, superbike or formula1 races is very exciting, especially if the place to stay near the location, can walk around the location, here is a list of hotels close to the location.

  1. Hotel Barcelo Montecastillo Golf (0.78 km)
  2. Hotel Barcelo Jerez Montecastillo & Convention Cen (0.83 km)
  3. Hotel Guadalete (8.57 km)
  4. NH Avenida Jerez (8.84 km)
  5. Itaca Hotel Jerez (9.21 km)
  6. Apartamento Sol Flamenco (9.23 km)
  7. Tierras de Jerez Centro (9.32 km)
  8. Tryp Jerez Hotel (9.37 km)
  9. Ibis Jerez De La Frontera Cadiz (11.17 km)
  10. Bodega Real (20.21 km)

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